Payday — the first music video of POEXXXALI

Video by the Great Fruit

Director: Valdis Bielykh
DOP: Nikita Green
Producer: Sasha Favorov, Svetlana Mart, Nikita Green, Valdis Bielykh,
Gaffers: Oleg Khoroshavin, Dmitry Novikov
Tech support: Kostya Duffus, Oleg Khoroshavin, Dmitry Novikov
Payday: Leila Bielykh
MUA: Svetlana Mart
Thanx to Artem Letunov, Lesha Semenov, Ilya Dmitriev, Polina Sitkovskaya
Post production by Valdis Bielykh of the Great Fruit

Backstage photo by Nikita Green

“Payday” at Fuckingyoung

Dena Silver of the New York Observer told us “Bootleg DVDs have nothing on this bizarre music video. Also, the snare drum has never looked so cool.”
Photo by Leonid Sorokin

“Payday” at Pairs

Liana Satenstein of Vogue described it as “a low-fi early ’90s Moscow wet dream with those delicious grainy modern talking type visuals.”
Photo by Leonid Sorokin
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